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Ortho-K in Holmdel, NJ

What is Ortho-K?

Ortho-K, or orthokeratology, involves the use of special gas permeable contact lenses to alter the shape of your cornea. The reshaping process is offered as an alternative to corrective lenses or eye surgery procedures. Reshaping the cornea temporarily helps reduce vision abnormalities and other symptoms caused by astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia.

The special lenses are worn at night to slowly change the corneas’ shape without impacting daytime activities. Over time, you will notice a marked difference in your ability to see clearly without corrective lenses.

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Benefits of Ortho-K Eye Surgery

The main benefit of ortho-K is the ability to see clearly without wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses. When the contacts reshape your corneas at night, you will enjoy clearer vision throughout the day. The effect is temporary, however, so you will need to wear the gas permeable lenses every night to enjoy the benefits. Within three days without wearing the lenses, your eyes will return to their regular shape and your visual acuity will also decrease to its prior state.

What to Expect During Ortho-K Treatments

Your optometrist in Holmdel will need to perform a full examination to verify that you are a great candidate for ortho-K. Upon determining you meet the eligibility requirements, your eye doctor will take the measurements needed to create your special pair of gas permeable lenses. You will likely need to wait several weeks to receive the lenses.

Once you have the lenses in hand, you can place them in your eyes before bedtime using the practices shared by your optometrist. Although it may feel strange at first, you will quickly adjust to the sensation of having the lenses in your eyes while trying to sleep.

Upon waking up the next morning, you can take out the corrective lenses and return them to a sealed container of saline solution for the daytime hours. You should notice a marked increase in your ability to see clearly upon taking the lenses out of your eyes. The clear vision should last the entire day to reduce or eliminate your reliance on corrective lenses.

Scheduling Eye Surgery with Your Optometrist in Holmdel for Ortho-K

If you would like to pursue ortho-K treatments, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor at Marshall EyeCare by calling 732-837-3332. Your optometrist in Holmdel will complete a full evaluation and discuss the benefits and risks of performing ortho-K treatments.


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