About Us

About Marshall EyeCare

Marshall EyeCare was founded in 2010 on trust. Dr. Marshall purchased the practice with an old-school handshake deal from Dr. Stanley Anton. Our founder, Dr. Marshall, grew up with a mom disabled from MS and lost her dad after a long, tough battle with cancer. These circumstances fueled her desire to make sure her exams went beyond the basic eyeglass exam and into disease detection and prevention.

Lisa Krastins, Shannon Illig, and Angel Hernandez were part of the original team that helped Dr. Marshall create an office focused on this goal. They’re still at the office today and she thanks them for their work. Our team at Marshall EyeCare is proud to offer a personalized, compassionate approach to all patients' eyecare needs.

Our Full Range of Vision Care Services

Our team offers the full range of vision care services to protect the health of our valued patients. While acquiring care from a leading optometrist in Aberdeen, patients can expect to receive:

  • Vision exams

  • Corrective lens support

  • Health checkups, including glaucoma testing

  • Pre- and post-surgical care

Our optometrists assess the needs of each patient to find the best diagnostic tests and treatment processes required for the upkeep of their vision and eye health. Whether patients wear corrective lenses or not, it is important to acquire vision exams once per year to check for changes and assess the overall health of the eyes.

About Our Dedicated Eye Doctors

When patients come to see a skilled optometrist on our team, they can rest assured that they will be provided with excellent care and support. Our optometrists have extensive experience in providing care to patients of all ages.

Dr. Marshall serves clients using the skills and expertise developed while attending school at the State University of New York School of Optometry. In addition to the time spent attending school and building her career, her incredible range of skills was honed while enjoying internship opportunities at West Point Military, Keller Army Hospital, and East New York Medical Center – Brooklyn. Her additional certifications in drug substances and NYS therapeutics allow her to fully care for her patients’ every need.

Scheduling an Appointment with Your Eye Doctors in Aberdeen

Patients can contact the team at Marshall EyeCare​​​​​​​ for eye care services by calling (732) 837-0988. Dr. Marshall will expertly serve the needs of their patients to help them fully enjoy having a clear vision and excellent eye health. A consultation appointment will help establish care and ensure each of our valued patients can meet their eye care goals in a single visit.

Give us a call today to get started on this journey toward exceptional eye health and great vision.

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