Who We Are


Provide “Best In Class” Eyecare to Monmouth County Residents
The mission at Marshall Eyecare is to create an experience like no other eye doctor's office. We provide our patients access to the most advanced technology in the industry. All of our patients are treated like friends and family.

Your health and happiness is the principle that guides everything we do. Our exams go beyond the basics. We provide our patients the best possible vision with digital eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions. We use 3-D retinal scans to screen for cancers, MS, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. We use pressure reading devices that can identify patients at risk for stroke, and have equipment that can detect macular degeneration 3 years before it can be seen with the naked eye.

Lastly, we will never use high pressure sales tactics. We are here simply to educate you on options so that you can choose for yourself. We stand behind all purchases with 30 day guarantee.


Business Intention​​​​​​​
Well trained, highly professional and friendly staff that blow away the competition with service and knowledge.

Community Involvement
Local community presence to foster a relationship that goes beyond the exam room to ensure that we have a well deserved place in the community.

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