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Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Contact Lenses for Astigmatism at Marshall EyeCare Physicians

If you suffer from the visual blurriness associated with astigmatism, you're by no means alone. About one-third of Americans have this same form of refractive error, which can make reading, driving, watching TV, or playing your favorite sport more difficult, fatiguing and frustrating than it should be. To make matters worse, astigmatism can pose some extra challenges for contact lens wearers. That's why you'll want to come to Marshall EyeCare Physicians in Holmdel, your expert providers of contact lenses for astigmatism.

Contact Lenses for Astigmatism at Marshall EyeCare Physicians

The Complex Problem of Astigmatism

Some refractive errors are relatively simple in that they only affect one field of vision. For instance, nearsightedness only blurry distance vision, while farsightedness only affects near vision. These refractive errors usually originate from an abnormal eyeball shape. A uniform pair of single-vision glasses or contacts can usually correct these vision issues easily.

Astigmatism correction is not quite so straightforward. For one thing, abnormalities caused by astigmatism usually occur along specific zones of the cornea, meaning that all fields of vision will be equally affected by these abnormalities. Additionally, the unevenness of the corneal surface means that standard soft contacts won't be able to provide consistent correction. That's because standard contacts conform to the shape of the cornea, and rotate every time you blink, making correction of specific zones impossible.

A Variety of Contact Lens Options at Our Holmdel Office

The good news is that even individuals with significant astigmatism can still wear contact lenses as long as they choose the right kind. Our Holmdel optometry clinic can evaluate the severity and pattern of your astigmatism through precise measurements of your corneal curvature. We can then recommend different options among our range of specialized contact lenses that will work for you. You may get excellent results from:

    • Toric contacts - These lenses are shaped and weighted so that they remain in a fixed position on the corneas, even when you blink.
    • RGP contacts - Rigid gas-permeable contacts retain their own corrective shape instead of simply conforming to the corneas underneath. This allows them to correct for astigmatism with great accuracy and power.
    • Hybrid contacts - Hybrid contacts combine the accuracy of RGP lenses with the comfort of soft contacts (by including a softer material around the rim of the lens).
    • Scleral contacts - If you have severe astigmatism due to a condition such as keratoconus, these lenses cover the entire cornea for the ultimate in corrective ability.

Let Us Help You Straighten Out Your Vision

If you're tired of the visual distortions caused by astigmatism, let Marshall EyeCare Physicians straighten you out. Call 732-837-3332 for an appointment!


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