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Dry Eye FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Eye At Our Holmdel Optometry Center

The phrase "dry eye" may not sound particularly ominous, but once you've been afflicted with this issue, you understand why so many people desperately seek relief from it. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about dry eye at our Holmdel optometry center, Marshall EyeCare Physicians. 


What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is an uncomfortable syndrome that occurs when your eyes lose the normal degree of hydration, lubrication, and protection they normally receive from tears.

What Are the Symptoms of Dry Eye?

Dry eye typically causes a painful, gritty irritation that makes you feel as if you have something in your eye. It can also cause redness, temporary blurring of vision, crusting around the eyes, light sensitivity, and even watery eyes.

What Are the Principal Causes of Dry Eye?

The most common cause of dry eye is reduced tear production. Some drugs and medical conditions can cause this problem. Wind, dry air, and excessive exposure to computer monitors, which reduces your rate of blinking, and your rate of tear production, can all play a role in dry eye.

How Do Tear Film Imbalances Cause Dry Eye?

A layer of oil, which is produced by glands in your eyelids, is supposed to sit on top of the tears' water and mucous layers, preserving eye moisture and lubricating the corneas. If your eyelid glands aren't contributing this oil, your tears will dry up too quickly to keep your eyes moist.

Can Dry Eye Damage My Eyes?

Severe cases of dry eye can cause trouble for the delicate tissues of your corneas. Over time, these transparent "windows" may become diseased or damaged, seriously affecting your eyesight.

How Do You Confirm Dry Eye?

We can evaluate your symptoms, work habits, medical record, tear production, and tear consistency to confirm a case of dry eye and eliminate other possible causes of your symptoms.

What Treatment Options Does Your Holmdel Optometry Center Provide?

Our optometry center in Holmdel can prescribe eye drops or eye inserts to help keep your eyes moisturized. We can also recommend changes to your medical regimen, lifestyle, or environment that can help prevent dry eye from occurring. If necessary, we may suggest that you receive treatment to unclog clocked eyelid glands or close the tear ducts that allows tears to exit the eyes.

Get More Answers at Marshall EyeCare Physicians

Dry eye can be a frustrating problem, so receive treatment at Marshall EyeCare Physicians to reduce your symptoms. Call 718-926-8310 for those all-important dry eye answers! 


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