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Glaucoma Treatment in Holmdel, NJ

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye that can significantly impair your eyesight. A high and abnormal pressure in the eye can indicate that glaucoma is present. Left untreated, glaucoma can ruin your optic nerve and damage your eyesight. If you have been diagnosed glaucoma in the past because of elevated pressure, it's time to have an eye exam to check for glaucoma from our Holmdel optometrist, Dr. Marshall.

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Check for Glaucoma with Our Holmdel Optometrist

There are a number of tests that will be performed to check for signs of glaucoma in your eyes. Glaucoma is complex, and this means that several tests will be used to confirm your diagnosis. If you have an eye pressure greater than 22 mm Hg, our Holmdel optometrist will complete further tests to look for more signs of glaucoma. Eye drops will be used to be able to look carefully at your optic nerve to see if there is any damage.

You can manage glaucoma if you receive the diagnosis. Certain medications can be prescribed to keep the pressure in your eye down. Changes in your diet can impact your overall health, as well as your eye health. Reducing the amount of sodium in your diet can reduce the high pressure in your eye. Regular eye exams will be necessary, and it's important to follow the advice of Dr. Marshall to ensure your vision health.

Tips to Keep Healthy Vision

To keep your eyes healthy, pay attention to any cosmetics and make sure they aren't irritating your eyes. Even if your medication causes your eyes to itch, do your best not to rub your eyes harshly. To prevent fluid retention, spread your fluid intake throughout the day and avoid sodium. Take care of your overall health, and your eye health will improve.

If you are having trouble driving at night, or you have noticed other changes in your eyesight, it's time to get an eye exam. Even if you aren't having a vision problem, you should be going for a routine eye exam every two years. For individuals over 40, yearly eye exams are recommended. For people diagnosed with glaucoma, you are likely to see your Holmdel optometrist several times a year. 

Make an Eye Appointment with Our Holmdel Eye Doctor for Glaucoma Detection and Treatment

Don't let your eyesight go unchecked. When you are having any changes to your vision, it's time for a visit to your Holmdel optometrist for an eye exam.

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