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Glaucoma FAQs

Have you been experiencing vision loss, eye pain, or blurry vision? At Marshall EyeCare Physicians in Holmdel, NJ, our optometrists doesn't just examine for basic nearsightedness and farsightedness, they will check for serious eye conditions that can take a serious toll on your vision. Glaucoma is one of these conditions.


What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a type of eye condition that puts a high amount of pressure on the optic nerve, causing vision loss. Glaucoma is most common in older people, usually those over 60, but it can happen at any age.  In most instances, the onset of glaucoma is very slow and gradual. A person with glaucoma will not notice there is a problem until the disease has already progressed to an advanced stage.

What are the types of Glaucoma?

In most cases, glaucoma fall into either the open-angle category or the acute angle closure category. The type you have depends on how the drainage angle of the eye's cornea responds to increased pressure.

Open-Angle Glaucoma

This form of glaucoma is most common in people. There is usually no signs or symptoms to open-angle. The open-angle glaucoma causes the trabecular meshwork in the eye to have some blockage, which results in an increase in pressure that gradually damages the optic nerve, and eventually results in vision loss.

Acute Angle-Closure Glaucoma

With angle-closure glaucoma, the iris bulges forward and blocks the drainage angle formed by the cornea and iris and stops the circulation in the eye, which leads to an increase in eye pressure. This type can be acute or chronic, depending on the progress.

Normal-tension Glaucoma

Normal-tension glaucoma is something to watch for. Normal-tension will cause eye pressure in your eye, but it will seem like normal. However, your optic nerve may be damaged, causing your vision to be lost.

Is There Something to Cure My Glaucoma?

Unfortunately, no. Once you lost your vision, the damage have been already done. That is why it is important to talk to our Holmdel optometrists about any vision problems. The earlier it is detected, the sooner we can manage it.

How Can Your Optometry Care Test Glaucoma?

Our optometry care have state-of-the-art technology to test your vision and see if you have any health problems to your eyes. We may use tonometry to test the pressure in your eye by blowing air-puffs into your eye. Our optometrists may even dilate your eyes so that they can have a better idea how your eye is inside.

Once we have a proper diagnosis, our eye doctors can let you know which treatment plan will suit you.

If you have noticed any vision problems or you just want to have some peace of mind that glaucoma isn't something for you to worry about, get an eye exam from our optometry care. To learn more about the Glaucoma, contact Marshall EyeCare Physicians in Holmdel, NJ at 732-837-3332 to schedule an appointment.


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