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Hard To Fit Contacts FAQs

Are you in need of contacts, but have a special eye condition? Our eye doctors in Holmdel at Marshall EyeCare Physicians can do an eye exam on your eyes to determine if you need hard to fit contacts. Keep reading for some frequently asked questions about hard to fit contacts.

Hard To Fit Contacts FAQs

What Are Hard to Fit Contact Lenses?

Hard to fit contact lenses are contact lenses that are specially designed for patients with eye conditions, where regular contact lenses will not help to improve their eyesight. 

What Eye Conditions Would Qualify Me for Hard to Fit Contact Lenses?

There are several eye conditions that would make you a great candidate for hard to fit contacts. These conditions include keratoconus, astigmatism, presbyopia, dry eyes, and giant papillary conjunctivitis.

Dry eyes occurs when the eyes are not producing enough tears, leading to them become drier than usual and causing irritation. Astigmatism is where there is a curve in front of the eye, which makes an oval shape and needs specially shaped contacts for the wearer. Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) is a conjunctivitis that makes the inner eyelid inflamed and irritated. Keratoconus is when the cornea of the eye becomes thinner, causing a cone shaped bulge in the eye. Presbyopia occurs when patients are usually over the age of 40 and causes objects nearby to become harder to focus on. 

All of these conditions make it uncomfortable for the patient to wear regular contact lenses. Thankfully, there are different types of contacts specially made for patients with the above conditions. 

What Type of Contact Lenses are Available?

There several types of hard to fit contacts available for patients with the above eye conditions. Some hard to fit contacts include rigid gas permeable lenses, multifocal lenses, toric contacts, and scleral contacts. Patients with astigmatism can comfortably wear toric contacts. Multifocal lenses are great for patients with presbyopia, since these lenses can help the wearer see close up and far away. Scleral contacts cover the cornea of the eye, which works great for patients with keratoconus. Rigid gas permeable lenses can reduce irritation in eyes since they gather few protein debris, unlike regular contact lenses. 

Schedule a Contact Lenses Exam with our Optometrists

In order for you to obtain contact lenses, you will need a contact lens exam. Your eyes and vision will be checked by our optometrists in order to determine which contact lenses will suit you best for your eye condition.

Please contact our eye doctors in Holmdel at Marshall EyeCare Physicians if you have any questions about our hard to fit contact lenses services. Our optometry office is located at 2128 State Route 35, Holmdel, NJ, 07733. Make an appointment at your earliest convenience so that our optometrists can get you fitted. Call us at 732-837-3332!


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