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Hard to Fit Contacts

Hard To Fit Contacts with Your Holmdel Optometrists

Hard To Fit Contacts in Holmdel, NJ

If you have ever been told that contact lenses were not an option for you due to conditions such as dry eyes or astigmatism it may be time to visit Marshall EyeCare Physicians and our optometrist in Holmdel, NJ. That's because over the last several years there have been many advances made in optometry and we can now fit people who need hard to fit contacts for a variety of reasons. For many, contact lenses provide a better alternative to vision correction than eyeglasses because they cover the cornea and lessen any potential gaps in vision.

Common Conditions That Require Hard to Fit Contacts

There are several eye conditions that pose a challenge for optometrists when it comes to getting the right fit for patients, but in most cases, it is a challenge that Dr. Marshall, our optometrist in Holmdel is ready for. Some of the more challenging conditions she faces include

  • Astigmatism - A curvature in the front of the eye that results in an oval shape or bulge that makes a correction with ordinary contacts challenging.
  • Dry eyes - A condition where eyes become excessively dry and irritated due to their inability to make quality tears. Normal contacts in dry eyes often feel like a foreign object, making specialty contacts necessary.
  • Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC) -GPC is a type of conjunctivitis caused by an inflamed inner eyelid. Contact lenses often attract extra protein, which can aggravate the condition.
  • Keratoconus - Although Keratoconus isn't common it is one that makes wearing contacts more difficult. It is signified by a thinned cornea, which results in a bulge in the eye that resembles a cone shape.
  • Presbyopia - Presbyopia is a condition that most often affects people who are over 40 years old when close up objects become more difficult to bring into focus. It differs from standard farsightedness because it is brought on specifically through the aging process and often co-exists with nearsightedness.

Find Out How Hard to Fit Contacts Help

Although contacts are more difficult for those who suffer from these conditions, it is not impossible. By using a gas permeable lens, hard to fit contacts provide a greater level of flexibility and breathability to make them more comfortable when worn in the eye.

If you've given up on contacts, and want to try again there is a good chance that we will be able to find the right contact lens solution for you. Contact Marshall EyeCare Physicians in Holmdel, NJ at 732-837-3332 to schedule an appointment.


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