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Sports Vision

Sports Vision Care with our Holmdel Optometrist

Regular eye exams are important for everyone, but if you are an athlete, you depend on your vision even more than other people do in their everyday life. Having your vision function at peak levels can help you to achieve your performance goals more easily. Our Holmdel optometrist offers additional services, such as sports vision testing and training to help you improve your performance in your workouts and in your game. 

Marshall EyeCare Physicians can help athletes make the most of their vision, so they can take their performance to the highest level.

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Understanding Sports Vision

Athletes in action use their eyes differently than they do during everyday activities. They must be able to employ more accurate depth perception, better eye-hand coordination, sharper peripheral awareness and faster gauging of distance. Improving these skills can help athletes play better. Vision experts have learned that these skills can be enhanced with certain training methods. If you are an athlete that feels your visual abilities aren’t functioning at top levels, you may be interested in vision evaluation and training that can help you utilize your visual abilities more effectively.

Sports Vision Testing

Testing for sports vision requires more comprehensive assessment than for traditional eye exams. Your optometrist in Holmdel will administer a number of additional tests, depending on the type of sport involved. Tests will evaluate visual acuity, depth perception, ability to track targets in motion, peripheral vision and focusing ability. Additional tests may be done to assess color blindness, eye dominance, hand-eye coordination, reaction time and contrast perception. These factors can affect performance during regular play.

Sports Vision Training

Based on the information provided by the testing procedures, your optometrist will design a training plan to suit your individual needs. You may work on your ability to track moving objects, employ better depth perception, increase peripheral vision or improve hand-eye coordination work. You may also be encouraged to continue your training at home to improve your visual skills more effectively. You will soon see a remarkable improvement in your ability to use visual skills in your training sessions and your game.

Make Marshall EyeCare Physicians Your Sports Vision Optometrist in Holmdel, NJ

Dr. Marshall and the staff at Marshall EyeCare Physicians offer our patients a full range of vision care services. We provide diagnoses of eye diseases, vision therapy, sports vision care, and other optometry services for patients in Holmdel, NJ and the surrounding areas. 

Call Marshall EyeCare Physicians today at 732-837-3332 for an appointment to learn how sports vision testing and therapy can improve your performance.


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