Do I Need a Contact Lens Exam Every Year?

Contact lens technology has evolved significantly over the years, enabling people with vision problems to see clearer. However, no matter how advanced technology gets or how diligently you handle your contacts, you still need contact lens exams. It is ideal to understand more about the exam and how often you need to take it before you go for one.

Is a Comprehensive Eye Exam Similar to a Contact Lens Exam?

The evaluations done during comprehensive eye exams differ from those in contact lens exams. Comprehensive eye exams evaluate the overall health of people who need vision correction and those who do not. During the exam, your eye doctor will look into your eyes to check for severe conditions like diabetes and hypertension. They will check for signs of eye conditions such as glaucoma. 

You will go through tests to determine the strength of your prescription, vision sharpness, and the fluid pressure in your eyes. You may have your eyes dilated to check the inner structures for signs of any condition.

What Is a Contact Lens Exam?

People who wear contact lenses need to have comprehensive eye and contact lens exams. Eye doctors perform contact lens exams that evaluate vision with contact lenses. The tests are unique and specifically designed for people who wear contacts. Your eye doctor will assess and measure your cornea to ensure you get a proper fit and comfortable pair of contacts. 

What Happens During a Contact Lens Exam?

Your eye specialist will conduct special tests during your lens exam. They will begin by measuring your eye surface to determine the type of contacts you will need and the appropriate size for your eyes. Your eye doctor may conduct a tear film test to ensure you have enough tears to lubricate your eyes while you wear your contacts. The results from these tests will help give the right prescription for the condition of your eyes.

Once you have the proper prescription and fit, you can choose between having disposable or extended wear contact lenses. Your eye doctor will guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of both types. You will get a trial pair of contacts to wear for some days as instructed by your specialist.

After the trial period, which is usually a week, you will need to see your doctor again for a follow-up to examine how your eyes have adjusted to the contacts. During such appointments, your doctor can recommend changing the material or lens if they notice any issues.

How Often Should You Get a Contact Lens Exam?

People who wear contact lenses need to visit their eye doctors annually for a contact lens exam. Contacts reduce the amount of oxygen reaching the cornea. As a result, this can gradually damage and affect the health of your eye.

When to Call a Doctor

You should see your doctor if you begin to experience dryness, grittiness, stinging, or redness in your eyes. You may need a change of prescription or a different fitting for your contacts. It is essential to seek help to find a solution before your situation worsens.

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