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Process of Getting Glasses From Start to Finish

General statistics claim that three out of four people require some degree of vision correction. A large population is either born with poor eyesight or experiences it as a by-product of aging. People need a 20/20 vision to help recognize people and things and maneuver through daily activities.


If you have issues with your vision, here are a few steps to guide you toward getting glasses.


Seek Medical Advice


The first step to sorting your vision problem is visiting an eye doctor for a diagnosis. They will take you through a comprehensive eye exam to determine your exact need. Even when you do not have eye problems, it is advisable to have periodic visits to your eye doctor.


If you are between the age of 18 to 39, go at least once a year. As you age, it is best to have comprehensive eye exams approximately once every two years.


Determine Your Prescription


An eye exam can last between a half hour and an hour. During this time, the doctor will run several tests, such as:


  • A pupillary exam

  • Vision test

  • Slit lamp exam

  • Pupil test

  • Eye pressure test

  • Eye motion test

  • Measurement of your pupillary distance – The difference in millimeters between your pupils. The width often falls between 54 to 68 millimeters

After these exams, the doctor may recommend single-vision, bifocal, or multifocal lenses. They may also suggest other solutions depending on their findings.


Customizing Your Lenses


Several factors help determine the kind of prescription lenses. Your lifestyle is crucial in choosing what type of lens and coating you need. The prescription the doctor recommends determines the thickness and base type of lens. However, you can opt for add-ons that can eliminate glare, reduce weight, and increase the durability of your lenses.


Select Your Frames


When choosing frames for your glasses, whether in person or online, there are a few factors to consider. The most obvious point is their size. The position of the glasses around your eyes is crucial. When replacing an old pair, check the numbers that appear inside the arm or behind the nose bridge.

These numbers represent your eye, bridge, and temple size. The eye size is a measurement of the width of the lens, temple size is the length of the arms, while bridge size is the distance between your two lenses.


If you are a person who has preferences about the aesthetics of the glasses, choose frames that complement the shape of your face and match your style. Appropriate spectacle frames do more than improve your eyesight. They accentuate your facial features and your overall look. Select a conservative or creative color and frame shape that fits your lifestyle.


Get a Microfiber Cloth and a Case

Eyeglasses are sensitive objects that are constantly in danger of breakage. To guard against this, purchase a hard-sturdy case with your spectacles. You will also need to clean them regularly with a microfiber cloth to see clearly and keep them looking good. Occasionally check the screws and always use both hands when removing them.


For more information on the process of getting glasses from start to finish, contact Marshall EyeCare at our office in Aberdeen, New Jersey. Call (732) 837-0988 to book an appointment today.

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