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Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration Diagnosis and Treatment at Marshall EyeCare Physicians

Not everything improves with age, and the eyes are a case in point. Age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, is a progressive, irreversible eye disease that can show up later in life, damaging your central visual field. But even this incurable disease can be treated, while smart preventative care may keep you from getting it in the first place. Here at Marshall EyeCare Physicians, we're happy to serve as your eyes' first line of defense against this ailment.

woman getting tested for macular degeneration

The Two Types of AMD

Macular degeneration is one of those eye diseases that doesn't usually make its first appearance until you are about to enter your senior years -- and even then, it may not alert you of its presence with symptoms for some time. The delayed warning is regrettable since the damage done to the macula (the part of the retina that controls your center of vision) cannot be undone once it has occurred. When symptoms do appear, they may take the form of wavy-looking straight lines or blank spots in your visual field. Although total blindness is unlikely, you may not be able to read, drive, or see the face of the person talking to you.

There are two types of AMD. The less-devastating early stage of the disease is called non-proliferative or "dry" AMD. Tiny deposits known as drusen collect on the macula during this stage. In "wet" AMD, blood vessels begin to leak into the eye, and the macula may also swell up (macular edema). A rush of new, even leakier blood vessels grows in place of the old ones, making the condition even morse.

Early Detection for Optimal Treatment

Annual eye exams are your best bet against macular degeneration. By viewing your retinas on a regular basis, our Holmdel optometrists can spot even the earliest signs of AMD. We can monitor dry AMD while prescribing dietary and lifestyle changes as needed to limit its progress. In some cases, a nutritional supplementation plan called AREDS2 can reduce the advance of the condition. Wet AMD can be treated with medications that stop the creation of leaky blood vessels. Our team can also help you reduce your risk for getting AMD through smart strategies such as exercise, blood pressure control, smoking cessation, UV protection, and the use of filtered lenses to limit exposure to the blue light from LED screens (a possible risk factor).

Protect Your Eyes Against Macular Degeneration

There's no reason you have to let macular degeneration weaken your eyesight. Start protecting your eyes today, no matter what your age, by calling 732-837-3332 to schedule an eye exam!


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